The Prospect of This Year’s Lawn Maintenance Got You Down?

Lawn CareSpring as sprung and so has the time to get your, all but forgotten lawn, back in shape.  Shrubs and bushes need to be trimmed, the yard needs its first mowing and the mulch needs to be refreshed.   Like most people, the thought of trying to fit all of this into your normal daily schedule is probably very overwhelming!

Why not make this year different!  Enjoy a beautifully maintained yard without raising a finger to get it done.  Call GE Sunscape Lawn Service to rescue you from a long summer of back breaking tedious work that takes up all your precious spare time.  There is no better feeling than to drive into your driveway on a Friday and know you have the weekend to do what you want instead of spending countless hours, in the blazing hot temperatures pushing a lawn mower.

GE Sunscape Lawn Service has plans to fit all budgets and is a full service lawn care company.  We can take care of the spring landscaping that need to be done, maintain the mowing of your yard all summer and also provide cleanup when Fall rolls around and you are faced with an endless supply of leaves.

Have an overgrown area in your back yard that you have been meaning to tackle but you don’t know where to start or have the proper equipment to handle such a mess?  We can take care of that for you too and haul away the brush when the project is complete.

Give yourself a break and enjoy the summer doing what you want to do.  Call us for your free consultation today!

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