Lawn Maintenance A Good Way to Keep Your Status

Lawn Care ServiceYour lawn has become somewhat of a status symbol in most neighborhoods these days.  Your neighbors and visitors may think they can take one look at how well you keep up with lawn maintenance and come to a conclusion about you in general.  For example, if your lawn looks immaculate, one might perceive you to be organized, neat and overall put together.  However on the other hand, if your lawn looks like it hasn’t been touched yet this summer, you might get the reputation of someone who doesn’t care or is sloppy.

Don’t let this happen to you!  Lawn maintenance is very necessary whether it is to keep up appearances or to keep it healthy and growing correctly.  It takes more than just an occasional mowing and dragging the sprinkler out to water.  It should be mowed at least once a week, watered regularly, fertilized, kept free of weeds and aerated annually to keep it in tip top shape.

Along with taking good care of your lawn, make sure to give your shrubs and flower beds some attention also.  Keep shrubs trimmed and watered throughout the year and the flowerbeds fresh, as well as weed free.

If all of this sounds like an impossible task for you to handle week after week, make a change and choose a qualified, professional lawn care service provider like GE Sunscape Lawn Service.  We can take care of every aspect of your lawn maintenance at an affordable price, leaving you more time to spend on things you enjoy, and keeping your neighborhood reputation in tact.

Call us today for a free estimate.  You will be glad you did!

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