Chelsea AL Lawn Care Tips For This Hot Summer

Lawn MaintenanceIn most parts of the country summer months can be long and hot. The hot temperatures and dry conditions may have a damaging effect on your lawn or even kill your grass. Many homeowners are always stressed and do not know how to keep their lawns green all summer. However, with the best lawn care skills this is an easy task. The following are ways to keep your lawn green during the summer.

Mow the lawn to an appropriate length. Do not mow it too low as this will give room to weeds growth and is less drought resistant. Mow only when it is necessary and avoid mowing during the hottest hours of the day as a lot of moisture will be lost, instead do it in the mornings or evenings.

Water your lawn regularly in the morning or the evening when the evaporation rate is low. You can acquire a sprinkler that will allow you water your lawn easily. You can mulch your lawn to minimize the evaporation as well as providing nutrition to your lawn.

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